Leather Love: How to Take Care of Your Leather Shoes article image by Antipodas Brand

Leather Love: How to Take Care of Your Leather Shoes

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Shoes like leather platform sandals or leather wedges are always fun to wear and have, but with a great pair of shoes comes great responsibility. More than wearing them, we should also take time to care for them. This is especially true when it comes to leather shoes.

Whether it’s for the office, outdoor, or simply every day, a pair of leather shoes is a must-have for any wardrobe. Leather shoes are loved for their durability. After all, high-quality leather can withstand demanding environments. Genuine leather shoes are built to last a lifetime and can outlive other shoes made from synthetic materials. But to fully enjoy its benefits, you need to give them the extra tender loving care they deserve. 

Here are some tips ranging from cleaning to storing that will help your leather shoes last much longer. 

Leather Shoes Cleaning and Maintenance:

Everyday wear and tear can affect the aesthetic of your leather. The key is to make sure you prevent any irreversible damage to the material. 

  • When putting on your leather shoes, use a shoehorn.
  • Don’t wait for days or even weeks before removing the dirt or stains from your favourite leather platform sandals or flat shoes. As soon as you finish wearing them, remove unwanted grime right away. Be sure to use a soft cloth to gently rub leather cleaner, mink oil, or olive oil to remove the dirt.
  • Use weather-proof coating to protect your shoes. No matter how gorgeous your platform sandals are, they can’t protect themselves from danger. Our Popa Congo Tan, for example, needs extra care so they could provide that extra comfort you’re longing for.
  • Never tire them out. Do not be fooled by the power of flat shoes or wedge heels. Yes, they are uber comfy but when they’re made of leather material, they need to take a break too. Be sure to let them breathe for at least 12 hours before you wear them again. Better yet, alternate your footwear every day so the leather can dry out from natural perspiration.
  • Only clean your leather shoes when they are completely dry. Let them dry at room temperature, never in a shoe dryer or on a heated floor.

    Leather Shoes Polishing Tips:

    Polishing is a huge part of keeping your leather shoes in tiptop shape, so you have to make sure that you are doing this method right.

    • Be sure that the surface is dry and free of dirt before you start polishing. You may also opt to buff the shoes first to remove dirt stuck in the seams.
    • When conditioning your shoes, use a small amount of product at a time. Using a lot of polish or shoe cream in one go won’t help shine your shoes.
    • When polishing, wrap a soft cloth around your finger and wipe in circular motions.
    • Be mindful whether only a certain part of the shoe needs polishing. Some shoes have leather insoles but also jute details, such as platform sandals like the Popa Sa Cova Indigo Suede Espadrille Platform Avarca.

      Storing Your Leather Shoes

      Observing the right way to store your leather shoes is necessary especially during the changing of seasons. 

    • When you know you won’t be using your leather shoes for a long time, fill their toe beds with crumpled newspaper. This absorbs moisture and odour and preserves your shoes’ life.
        • When not in use, make use of a shoe tree for your leather shoe to maintain their shape. 
    • Store your shoes in their original shoebox. Light-coloured shoes like our Frambua Duo Bimba Leather Ballerina are the most at-risk of getting dirty and dusty, so be sure you have their shoebox or at least a storage bin to keep them safe. When storing shoes in a box, be sure to store them horizontally to maintain their shape.
      • Do not store your leather shoes in a plastic bag as they might get damaged by the vacuum produced by plastic.



        Whether it’s wedge heels, leather platform sandals, ballerina shoes, or full-on formal leather shoes, all leather shoes require constant care and attention. Without proper conditioning and care, leather can dry out which will eventually result in cracks. Treat your leather shoes like the gems that they are and follow these tips for healthier and happier shoes!