Here are Reasons Why Mums Love Antipodas Shoes

Here are Reasons Why Mums Love Antipodas Shoes

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Mothers have the busiest schedule as they assume too many responsibilities inside and outside the home. With childcare, house chores, grocery shopping, and other family-related tasks on their lists, shopping for their own needs are the least of their priorities. If you are a mum looking for a new pair, you’re probably keen on buying comfortable footwear that can match your hectic busy lifestyle. The good news is that Antipodas brings you a few shoe styles that excel both in style and function.  

What constitutes mum-approved shoes?

There is no one specific shoe style that mums can’t live without, but there are a few universal features that they look at when buying shoes. Whether you are a working mum or a full-time mum, comfort is a priority. Gone are the days when heels are still your go-to footwear. Now that you’ve experienced first-hand how tiring a mum’s life can be, you start to appreciate the comforts of wearing flat shoes all the time. From wearing stilettos, you now find yourself wanting the trendiest avarcas and espadrilles to complete your outfit. Do you still remember when all you wanted were killer heels with the iconic red soles? Now that you’re a mum, you feel more excited checking out ballerina flats instead.

Motherhood certainly changes women in many aspects, with fashion being one of the most evident changes. As being a mum entails working hard to taking care of your family’s needs, you need shoes that will allow you to manage a long to-do list safely and efficiently. Indeed, comfort is the name game when it comes to mum’s shoes, style being a tertiary concern. So here is a list of shoes from Antipodas that you will surely love to add to your collection. 

  • Ballerina Flats

Ballerinas is the perfect balance between beauty and comfort. This style is a classic and will never go out of trend. Due to its versatility, investing on quality ballerinas is a must. You will surely love the Frambua Duo Army Leather Ballerina. It has all the elements of functional aesthetics. The embossed leather vamp detail on burgundy leather means you use this pair for running errands in the morning and the perfect finishing piece to a dinner date with friends, too.  It features a flexible yet comfortable padded insole for superior comfort. 


Other ballerina shoes from Frambua that you can choose from are Coco Leather that is perfect to pair with pants or trousers. If you want to add a splash of colour to your outfit, we’re pretty sure you’ll love the Duo Ocean Leather ballerina in royal blue leather. For mums that love animal prints, we recommend the Frambua  Duo Golden Baby. This style features a stunning zebra print vamped detail and shimmering silver leather. These two elements are from two exact opposites. When you combine them into one shoe, you get a shoe that you can wear for just about any special occasion. 

  • Avarcas

While comfort is a top priority, you can’t really miss out on style. You might be dreading wearing high heels now that you are busy, so a good footwear option that gives you comfort is a top priority, you can’t miss out on style. You might be dreading wearing high heels now. A good footwear option that you should consider is a pair of Avarcas. This shoe style is reminiscent of the espadrille. It comes in a wide range of colours. Avarcas are made from excellent materials, crafted using traditional shoe-making techniques. Our Avarcas here at antipodas stay true to the original design structure. It has a few comfort features, so you can go on about your day without hurting your ankle. The Popa Brand Solsida white and tan leather espadrille is made from plaited jute, so you can be proud of its low impact on the environment. Our collection contains a host of avarca styles including California Coral, Galdana Flora Blue, and gel beige latte

Quality of materials

Investing in flat shoes made from quality materials is the best. The use of natural fabrics makes it the perfect shoe for the summer. We only use excellent materials to ensure both longevity and function. 

If you still want to wear heels, why not give Antipodas wedge platforms a try. They are ultra comfy and are designed to withstand normal wear and tear. The Maui White and Tan are versatile as you can use them for many years to come. The wedge style means you don’t have to worry about comfort and ease of mobility. 


To learn more about our mum-friendly shoe styles  from Antipodas, click here. We are a stockist that carries some of the most comfortable shoes around, including imported from Spain and other countries. For enquiries call us today   on 61 451 666 62 today.