How to Choose the Best Avarca Sandals for Your Child

How to Choose the Best Avarca Sandals for Your Child

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Nothing compares to the pitter-patter of little feet running towards their mummy. As they stumble to put one foot in front of another, you make sure their flat shoes keep those tiny toes happy and protected. Your best go-to? Some cute avarca footwear to keep the little tots comfortable when moving around, and of course, adorable for the ‘gram.

Keep high-quality avarca sandals within reach so when spring and summer roll around, you have a handy dandy pair ready for wear. When it comes to avarcas, the little things matter. Here are some things to consider when picking out your offspring’s first pair:

1. Invest in sturdy pairs.

Just like any other items that you expect to rely on, footwear should be considered an investment, especially for active little kids. Heavy-duty shoes do not only give a good return on investment, but they also give mothers peace of mind. Knowing that your toddler can muck around without the possibility of straps breaking loose is always a comforting thought for a mama bear.

You may find a lot of sandals that no doubt appear to be incredibly charming, but look closer, their roots may be anything but. Opt for shoes that are designed for durability. Avarcas are made in Spain and were initially designed to support a farmer through rigorous work, so you know it won’t get wonky in the middle of your child’s playdates. 

2. Remember that lightweight and padded are heaven-sent. 

These two keywords can be an ace up your sleeve. In addition to durability, light and soft material is always the way to go. You do not want your little one tripping over chunky and hefty sandals, as well as crying over sore heels. Not only that, but there could also easily be a risk of injury if they move around with heavy and uncomfy sandals. 

Go for an espadrille avarca with soft padded soles and hard-wearing jute ropes, like this Kids Nala Navy & White Leather Espadrille Avarca. These classics provide natural support to the heels and ankles while letting those tootsies breathe.

3. Measure with growth allowance.

Growth spurts are one of a mum’s pet peeves. So, make sure to consider this when measuring your child’s size against the chart. Keep in mind that it is always better to get a size up than a size too small. 

Don’t worry about the pair being loose. The adjustable straps around the ankle help keep the sandals in place while your kid’s feet grow out. Find something that has special features like the kid-friendly felt fastening in the avarcas from Popa Kids. Functional yet cozy on the skin, it adds security so they avoid those ‘Cinderella’ moments!

4. There’s a way to prevent foot blisters.

A child’s boo-boo is never a good sight. If you find yourself going through band-aids like a pack of gum, your tot’s runners might be the culprit. It is always a jackpot to land on handmade shoes in fine, genuine leather that requires little to no breaking in. Therefore, keep those feet happy with leather sandals that do not skimp on quality. 


5. No shame in having fun twinning with your child.

The best part about picking out avarcas for your young’un is the chance to cop a similar one for yourself. Because these Spanish shoes are timeless pieces, you can get a twinning pair in an adult size. For instance, a Montezuma Leopard Crossover Leather Avarca for mummy and a Kids Arcade Leopard Crossover Leather Avarca for baby! There are other Popa avarca sandals for women and kids that you can matchy-matchy up. After all, it’s never too early to bond over fashion!

Final Thoughts

It’s natural to be picky when it comes to your child’s needs. You want a pair of shoes that will go with them every step of the way as much as you would. The great thing about avarca sandals is their versatility and colourfulness. The Popa Kids sandals line comes in plenty of bright and beautiful colours. Let your child pick a hue and watch their face light up every time they get to wear it. It might just be sandals, but they will surely make the happiest of memories with them. Starting from baby steps to giant strides – minus the blisters. Indeed, these are the sandals that are 100% mum-approved!

The comfiest and most fun arvaca sandals await your little one in our full collection here!