9 Reasons to Choose Handmade Footwear Over Mass-Produced Counterparts article image by Antipodas Brand

9 Reasons to Choose Handmade Footwear Over Mass-Produced Counterparts

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Choosing handmade footwear over mass-produced shoes is making a statement. It speaks volumes of one’s personality, character, and sense of style. Whether you are looking to buy a pair for strolling across the city, for office use, or special events, wearing handmade shoes will always command respect and attention. In a world where everything and anything can be made in a matter of hours, you might be wondering why it’s more sensible and practical to opt for handcrafted footwear. In this article, we will list down 9 reasons why investing in handmade shoes is a must.


Handmade shoes used to be the trend in the men and women’s footwear industry, but the rapid technological advancements of the 20th century changed the way people live. The introduction of machines and the rising demand for stylish footwear inspired the mass production of shoes. However convenient and accessible mass-produced shoes may be, handcrafted shoes are uniquely elegant. A pair of handcrafted shoes are the result of expert skills, love, and care by artisans. The keen attention to detail is what truly separates handcrafted shoes from factory-made footwear.

Distinct Beauty

If you follow trends, then surely machine-made shoes are the perfect choice for you. However, if you want to stay true to your sense of style and fashion, choosing handmade footwear is your best bet. Small businesses that produce handcrafted shoes are committed to quality more than anything else. Typically, these handmade shoemakers use the best materials and ingenious designs for their collections to differentiate themselves from competitors. If you want to stand out from the crowd, opting to buy a handcrafted pair is the way to go.


Although factory-made shoes undergo quality control before they roll out of warehouses, this doesn’t automatically translate to quality output. Even the biggest shoe brands compromise on quality to increase their profit margins. Handcrafters on the other hand carefully choose the materials they use to make footwear. The superior-quality nature of materials used in handmade shoes is highly evident in their slower rate of wear and tear. Simply put, handcrafted footwear retains its brilliance and almost brand-new appearance due to the quality of materials used in their production.


No matter how advanced machines may be, they can’t beat the precision and quality results from making shoes by hand. It takes months, and in some instances, years to become a master craftsman. Tailor-made shoes are outstanding because they feature a flawless finish- from stitching, welts, to soles. Handmade shoes are significantly more durable than mass-produced footwear. You can feel superior craftsmanship in every step that you take while wearing handmade shoes. 

Expert craftsmen understand the value of making shoes from scratch. The quality of handmade footwear is unmatched even when compared to pairs manufactured by the top names in the industry. Whilst it may be tempting to pay a cheaper price for branded shoes, handmade footwear remains to be more valuable due to the time and skill that craftsmen invest in making them by hand.


The mass production of footwear harms the environment. Running the machines alone emits gases and waste materials which are then discarded on landfills, whilst some chemicals find their way to the ocean. Also, mass-produced footwear is typically made from synthetic materials that produce chemicals that are harmful to human health. Choosing handmade shoes is more eco-friendly as they are made from natural fibres. Small businesses that produce them follow best practices and are keen advocates of the green movement. The eco-friendly nature of handmade goods offers value that mass-produced footwear can never deliver.


Unlike clothes that you can throw out after using them once or twice, shoes aren’t the same. As shoes are commonly more expensive than clothes, nobody can throw out a pair after a single-use. Due to the quality materials and superior craftsmanship that goes into every pair of tailor-made shoes, you can expect them to last for many years. Although handmade shoes are more expensive than machine-produced shoes, they are definitely worth the investment.

More Affordable

Due to the durability of handmade footwear, you are actually saving money when you choose them over machine-produced shoes. As opposed to standard shoes that only last a few months, handcrafted shoes can last for many years and thus are good investments indeed. 


Thoughtful production is one of the strengths of handmade footwear. Makers of handcrafted shoes are more careful in the selection of materials to use in their production line. Artisans are conscious in making decisions as evidenced by their utmost consideration for nature and community. As opposed to savings, they prioritise the selection of quality materials that benefit users for a longer period. By choosing handmade shoes, you can get peace of mind that you are contributing to a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Supporting Local Communities

Family-owned shoe businesses support the local economy. Instead of seeking workers from other cities or regions, artisans are more concerned about contributing to further growing the local economy. Some artisans seek manpower from communities whose residents rely on them for employment. By supporting local communities, handmade shoes yet again deliver value that extends beyond aesthetics and quality.

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